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Please send your e-mail to jeffery@dautya.info with a statement or question to initiate a new spiritual education process of web discussion. E-mails will eventually be posted if people respond and agree.

Good and rapid spiritual education is based upon mutual respect and liberating all beings. In Buddhism there is ten levels of realization as a Bodhisattva and three of a Buddha but one must then earnestly try and liberate all beings.

Emphasis is on Dharma, Mahamudra and and Shri Hevajra as Shri Hevajra is the supreme accomplishment of Mahamudra.

In trying to liberate all beings there is further clarification of ones mind as one perfects who one is and what one must appears as to accomplish the goal of liberating all on earth. Dynamic relationships are very important to this process.

Comparative Religion versus Essential Truth of Religions. Understand Meditation Prayer Yoga and try Vajra Yoga

Money is required for developing a log in process as fees will be charged for these courses. Courses are in a very summary format until funds are raised for development. Funds are also require for a place where I can teach with my own resources.


The Precious Jewel of Aspirations, Liberating All

Jealousy, anger and hatred are so strong that many people will not like this title even though the wealth of passages in the Bible on forgiveness, however, this aspirations is fundamental to spiritual growth.

The level of clearly understanding this aspirations occurs at the eight level of a Bodhisattva. The sixth level is where one transcends the way the vast majority of people perceive reality.

Corruption of the Dharma is growing and a summary book will ne inserted here to turn the wheel of Dharma on the book , The jewel Ornament of Liberation by Gampopa.

1.0.0 The Nature of Enlightenment 2.0.0 The Precious Human Life 3.0.0 The Necessity of Spiritual Teachers

4.0.0 Meditative Study and activity. This is a Excel Spreadsheet format to enhance peoples ability to study and grasp complex concepts over time otherwise people just get a warm feeling for a few days and then forget what they have read. One must firmly practice with Meditation and study until one can solidly Meditate with these inherent views.



Meditation Courses

Instructions are easy to give but what is necessary is helping people break through habitual patterns. Every individual has their own complex patterns that must be overcome by relationships with teachers. Reading the life stories of great teachers such as Tilopa and Naropa emphasis this point.

Meditation 101

Meditation 210

Meditation 310

Meditation 410






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